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Creative Promotional Products for Musicians

Dark Throne T-Shirt

Let’s talk promotional products, promotional merchandise, or swag, whatever you want to call it.  Everyone trying to sell themselves or their product (and let’s be honest, as an artist, you and your mad skills are your products) needs promotional products in their marketing plan.  As an entertainer, though, you kind of luck out in that expectations for your promo products aren’t that high.  People expect to see a cool t-shirt sold at your concerts, and hope that your album art is interesting, but they’re more interested in what you do than what you give them. That doesn’t let you off…
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One Color, 4 Uses

Youthful color palette: lime green, hot pink, yellow, white, sky blue

Color association can create strong emotional, ideological, and even Pavlovian responses. We react physically and mentally to various colors and shades of colors so it’s not surprising that certain ones often get typecast. We can use that typecasting to our advantage by not only going with the flow, but also by breaking it for a surprise effect that grabs the viewers’ attention effectively. This is a series I plan to continue, by periodically looking at a color and examining some traditional and non-traditional uses for it. A few weeks ago I discussed how to make a traditionally unprofessional color professional,…
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Comic Sans: Is it really necessary?

Why is Comic Sans So Popular?

Note: This post, while all in fun, does make a serious point about a font problem plaguing the Design world. A few months ago a fellow Graphic Designer friend of mine posted a story on her Facebook page about how she had done some work for a client and when she was finished his reply was, “I love it! But can we change the font to Comic Sans?” Its one of those situations that make most Graphic Designers groan.  Comic Sans is the red-headed stepchild of the font and design world.  It’s general overuse and reminder of public school flyers…
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Advertising: A Comparison Between the Early-Mid 1900s and Now

Plymouth (1938) & Infinity (2011) Comparison

It’s not a stretch to say that advertising has changed considerably over the last 100 years.  Technological and sociological shifts have both had a huge impact on the form advertising takes, and what themes it presents.  Some of these changes are very obvious, and some are more subtle.  Today, we’ll take a look at some modern advertising (within the last 5 years), and compare them to some advertisements from the early to mid part of the 20th century and consider the possibility of a ‘retro-advertising’ comeback. One of the most obvious changes in advertising in the last 80 or so…
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Rethinking “Professional” Color Schemes

Lime in a Suit

When you look at business color schemes, especially for larger businesses in particular markets, you tend to see a lot more uniformity than creativity. This is understandable, because people have certain ideas in mind about how the world works, and how it should look.  Using well-worn color schemes can make your business easily-identifiable, enabling your customer base to make decisions quickly (and hopefully in your favor).  And using a similar color palette to another company or organization with which you want to identify (for instance red, white, and blue for “Bank of America”) helps in building customer rapport. But it’s…
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